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League Rules




Any rules not covered in the following will be ruled the same as the current CFL rules or as determined by the officials at the game. Calls made by officials during the game will be final and understood to be made with their best judgment and applicable to both teams.



Please keep the Spirit of the League in mind when talking to the refs! While referees are supplied by the league there are only 2 refs assigned per field and not every call can reasonably be made.

Only QB or designate is allowed to converse with Officials. Abuse of officials will not be tolerated.


Official balls are to be provided by each team and must conform to a professional league standard (CFL, NFL or College level). No metal cleats or baseball spikes allowed. No player shall wear or use equipment or clothing which in the opinion of the officials endangers or confuses his opponents. Players must wear team sweater or facsimile of same colour.

Time Keeping

Games are played with two 40 minute halves plus a 5 minute half-time break. Clock will run continuously starting when the kicker kicks the ball. Teams can stop the clock by calling a time-out; clock starts again when the ball is put in play (snapped or kicked). Please start on time to ensure subsequent games are kept on schedule. - The referee shall allow a team 25 seconds in which to put the ball into play. He shall be sole judge as to when the time count shall commence. The whistle shall be blown after allowing both teams reasonable time in which to realign themselves after a play.
- Time to be kept by referees. Referees may add time or stop the clock for injuries. Referees to confirm this with both team QBs. One time out allowed, per team, per half.
- Teams are warned with 3 blows of whistle that 3 minutes are left in the half. The last minute of each half will played as 3 plays.
- Extra points and kick-offs are not considered plays in the last minute.
- A penalty during the last 3 plays does not count as a play unless penalty is refused.
- A timeout called after a touchdown will stay in effect until after the ensuing kickoff is touched by the receiving team

When you play the first game show up early to help set up the field, when you play the late game please help collect equipment and bring to the top of the hill.

Player Requirements

- Maximum 6 players on offense
- 7 players on defense at one time
- 6 players on kick offs (both kicking and returning team)
- Minimum 5 players or game is forfeited

Only registered paid players assigned by league executive are eligible to play. League players from other teams may be added to a team with 4 or 5 players to avoid a forfeit if the opposing team agrees. The skill level of added players will be agreed upon by both QBs. The team winning a forfeit game shall be awarded the average winning score for that week, the losing team will be awarded 0 points.

Game Start

Referees will conduct a coin toss to begin the game and the team winning coin toss has option of kicking, receiving or choice of end for the first half. Team losing the coin toss will select what winner did not select. Teams must switch ends at half time and the first half kicking team will receive the ball to begin the second half.

General Rules

- One hand touch is the game. When the ball is being carried or controlled by a player it becomes part of the man. If the ball is touched while being controlled it is a legal touch.
- If a player is touched while bobbling the ball it will be considered a touch and the player will not be allowed to advance the ball once control is gained.
- As the ball (under control) is part of the player any attempt to punch or dislodge the ball is roughing.
- No blocking allowed at any time. Contact does not have to take place, a player deliberately impeding his opponent's path is blocking.
- Diving forward to gain additional yards is not permitted and the ball will be marked from the point at which the receiver started diving. If a player continues to dive forward throughout the game this may be deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct and a penalty may be assessed at the discretion of the referee.
- Teams will have 3 downs by which to achieve 20 yards. Once 20 yards is obtained, it will be a first down. Ball must be thrown overhand and be completed at or beyond the line of scrimmage. Referees will mark off 20 yards at the start of each first down.
- Backfield players and motion are allowed.
- Laterals cannot advance beyond the line of scrimmage, the ball must be passed forward by player(s) receiving lateral.
- The referee will do the counting at the line of scrimmage. A count of 4 (1 thousand and 1, 1 thousand and 2.....) is called out loud before rusher can cross the line.

The count is suspended and rusher(s) advance beyond the line of scrimmage for the following:
- fumbled snap from center.
- placing ball on ground for kick and lifting it up again.
- lateraling ball to another player in the backfield.

Receivers will be considered ineligible under the following circumstances:

- going out of bounds and returning to field during continuous play

- making contact with the goal posts unless contact is deemed to be as a result of the defender
A completed pass to these players is considered incomplete.

If a ball is thrown to a receiver who in turn deflects and advances the ball into the hands of a another offensive player the play is considered dead and the spot of the ball would be where the first receiver touched the ball. This is nullified if a defensive player makes contact with the ball prior to it being caught by the second receiver. In this situation, the play is still live.

For punts or kickoffs taking place in the last 10 minutes of the game , if a 2nd kickoff/punt goes out of bounds, the clock is stopped and not restarted until the receiving team touches the ball on the next ensuing punt/kickoff takes place.

Players who intentionally attempt to repeatedly delay the progress of the game by incurring penalties will be assessed an unsportsmanlike penalty and at the referees discretion, time will resume once the ball is in play (this includes but is not limited to; intentionally going offside as a defensive player/rusher to prevent the offense from running a play). Anything deemed by the referee to be an intentional delay of game is subject to a time stoppage.


Points awarded:
6 points for a touchdown
3 points for a field goal
2 points for a sack in the endzone (safety)
2 points for a conversion passing play (attempted from the 5 yard line)
1 point for a conversion kicking play (attempted from the 5 yard line)
1 point for a missed field goal or punt where the ball travels out of bounds in the end zone (ball must first land in the field of play)


- Kickoffs will commence from the kicking team's 45 yard line.
- Kickoffs do not require the kicking team to give yards. The ball, unless touched by an opponent, must be kicked more than 20 yards towards the opponent's goal.
- If the kicking team touches the ball before it travels the 20 yards (and is not touched by the receiving team) the receiving team have the option to take possession at the point it was touched or went out of bounds.
- Following field goals and single points the ball is put in play from the 35 yard line. (Exceptions: field goal attempted from beyond 35 yard line, ball is placed on line of scrimmage from where kick occurred; after field goal receiving team elects to receive kick off or kick off themselves or put ball in play at the 35 yard line.

Dead Ball

- Punts & Kicks will not be blown dead if a player muffs catching them unless, in the ref’s opinion, there is a safety concern as a result of oncoming defender(s). Kicking team is not permitted to recover their kick. Any legal touching of the ball by the kicking team or any ball that comes to rest will be blown dead and spotted at that point.
- Fumbles & Laterals will be blown dead as soon as they hit the ground and spotted where the ball hit the ground.

Field Goal Attempts

Missed Field non-blocked – ball can be returned
- Ball partially blocked ( brushed ) no obvious change of direction – ball can be returned
- Blocked field goal at line of Scrimmage – Ball turned over at line of scrimmage
- Ball strikes upright and does not go in – ball turned over at line of scrimmage
- Ball partially blocked clear change in direction where ball stops – cannot be returned
- Missed field goal, receiving team tagged in the endzone or ball travels through the endzone, rouge awarded, offense starts on own 35

Ball Placement

- Kick off - (see kickoff section)
- Successful field goal - Offense has the option to start on their own 35 or receive a kickoff from the other team’s 45 yard line
- Single point kick through the endzone either punt or field goal (rouge awarded) - Offense starts on 35 yard line
- Downing in your own end zone after a punt/missed field goal (rouge awarded) - Offense starts on the 35 yard line
- QB sack in their own end zone (safety awarded) - team awarded the safety has 3 choices:
-> Kick from their own 35 yard line
-> Have the other team kick from their own 35 yard line
-> Scrimmage from their own 35
- Interception by defense, tagged in the endzone - Offense starts on 20 yard line

Typical Penalties

- Defensive Holding - 10 yard penalty, automatic first down
- Defensive Pass interference - Spot of foul, automatic first down – ie 1 st and 20
- Offside - 5 yards and repeat down. (Option non-offending)
- Blocking - 15 yards from point of block. (Contact does not have to take place, a player deliberately interfering with opponents right of travel is blocking)
- Rough play - 15 yards with warning to offender. Player can be ejected without warning.
- Objectionable conduct - 15 yards, if continues 15 more, if still continues ejection. (The use of profane, obscene, or insulting language or objectionable gestures to an opponent or official)
- Punts and field Goal attempts 5 yards required, if breached - 10 yards (Added to end of play)
- Illegal forward pass - loss of down, two forward passes on same down -not completing pass beyond line of scrimmage
- Quarterback crosses line of scrimmage – any foot that fully crosses over the line of scrimmage - 10 yard penalty assessed
- Intentional grounding to avoid loss - ball spotted where QB threw ball from and loss of down
- Strike to the head of a receiver by a defensive player no exception - Automatic penalty at spot of the foul , down over , remaining yards for first down remains if applicable . if foul takes place beyond first down marker , first down and 20
- Offensive pass interference - 10 yard penalty and loss of down
Submit rule clarifications in writing if you wish them to be added to list. This is for recreation and fun, enjoy and help contribute to make the league a success.

Scores and Standings

Game scores are reported to a member of the league executive by the referees and standings will be updated once received. Tie-breakers for Final Standings will be record in games involving tied teams followed by Points Against and then Points For/Against Differential.